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Kids in Austin, Texas Need More Penguins

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Blog of Helios documents the famous Ken Stark's adventures in promoting Linux and helping children in Austin, Texas get nice Linux computers of their own. As anyone who has followed Ken's adventures over the years knows, he is a tireless Linux advocate who has launched a number of interesting events: the Tux500, Lindependence 2008, and Komputer4Kids. But Ken can't do it all and needs more people to step up and help.

Ken has inspired other people to launch similar projects and has his own little herd of Merry Penguins; that is, people who pitch in and help. But the time has come when the tireless Ken has to slow down a bit, and needs some more hands on deck. Perhaps one of them can be you.

Ken's health has taken a bit of a turn and even though he will be stubborn and continue to push himself too hard, it would be better for more people to pitch in with Komputers4Kids. I don't know if that is still the official name, but the job is still the same-- collect donations of good used computers of recent vintage, install Linux on them, make sure everything works, and deliver and set them up.

The way to make this work without burning out is for a lot of people to each take on a small job. While it takes just a sentence to describe it, there are innumerable details to manage, and tasks for everyone-- technical, social, media and public relations, delivery driver, inventory tracking, getting donations, behind the scenes, out in front of the world, and so on. Living in Austin is necessary for most tasks, but there a few that can done remotely. Like me writing this blog.

Volunteers and community advocates are the best people in the world. Please visit Blog of Helios to learn more and to find contact information.

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