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A no-cost Windows killer: On Sale Now!

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You just can't make this stuff up. This alleged news article at Technology Marketing Corporation (there is a clue in the name) makes grandiose, breathless claims about Ubuntu:

"Tired of Windows? Wish you could find an alternate operating system that will work on most PCs _ even those sold in the past decade? Reluctant to fatten Microsoft's coffers? Look no further than Ubuntu, a Linux operating system developed mostly by volunteers. Since the code in Ubuntu is what's called "open source," any talented developer can submit enhancements, have it reviewed, and have those improvements appear in the next release."

The punch line comes at the end of this piece:

After wading through a few more paragraphs of breathless excitement, like "Like other Linux operating systems, Ubuntu is stable, has a clean, intuitive interface that requires hardly any learning time...", "The word-processing and spreadsheet files are compatible with Microsoft Word, and vice-versa" it waits til the end to cut to the chase:

"To order the bootable DVD, send $20, plus $6 for shipping, to WashingtonCD, PO Box 351531, Los Angeles, CA 90035, or online at www.washingtoncd.net."

But! That's not all! At www.washingtoncd.net you find this:

"Ubuntu -- Linux Operating System

Price: $20.00

Retail: $39.00

You Save: $19.00

This item is in stock "

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