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FOSS Heroes

But then I tend towards cynicism anyway, and the cure for that is to turn my attention to the wonderful, generous movers and shakers in the FOSS world. Look at all the things you can do with Linux, the free BSDs, and other FOSS software that you can't do with closed proprietary software:

  • Create a blog in your spare time that sets the gold standard for legal research and reporting, like Groklaw
  • Roll endless customizations of operating systems and application bundles: CD, DVD, network, Flash, USB, from tiny phones and robots to clusters and mainframes
  • Start an independent computer OEM retail business like ZaReason and System 76, that does not have to kowtow to the likes of Apple or Microsoft, but can actually put customers first
  • Bring computing to people who can't afford it, like Ken Starks
  • Genuine, not-corporate-controlled community Linux Fests like Texas Linux Fest, Atlanta Linux Fest, Southeast Linux Fest, and LinuxFest Northwest


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