10 Command-line Timesavers for MySQL Tasks

“Although several great GUI-based MySQL clients exist, among
them phpMyAdmin and SQLYog, I’ve always preferred to use the native
mysql command-line client. It does take some time to get acquainted
with using a command-line interface (CLI), particularly if you
don’t regularly work with an operating system offering a robust CLI
environment. However, after some practice you’ll be able to manage
users, navigate your databases, and perform other tasks with
incredible ease.

“In this article I’ll introduce you to 10 mysql client tips and
tricks that I’ve accumulated over the years. Whether you adopt one
or all I guarantee you’ll save a considerable amount of time and
effort when using this powerful MySQL interface.

“Incidentally, the mysql client is available for all operating
systems, Windows included. However, because Windows’ native CLI is
horrible, consider installing Console, a great alternative solution
that offers a great set of features including convenient text
selection and multiple tabs.”

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