10 Git Version Control Utilities to Make You More Effective

“I’m one of many developers who really enjoy using the Git
version control system. A Git Groupie, if you will. It’s one of
those software projects that just feels right practically from the
very first commit. If you’re also a “committed” Git user (get it?),
you’re probably always looking for ways to more effectively manage
your repositories. If so, check out the 10 Git utilities introduced
in this article.

“1. Use Git on Windows with TortoiseGit

“The tortoise has somehow become synonymous with running open
source version control projects on Windows, thanks to a long line
of namesake projects traced back to the 2000 release of TortoiseCVS
(a Windows-based CVS client). Over the years several sibling
projects were created for interfacing with other popular version
control solutions, including TortoiseSVN and TortoiseHg. In late
2008 TortoiseGit became the latest addition to the series,
providing Windows users with an impressively well-integrated Git

“TortoiseGit depends upon Git for Windows, so be sure to install
it before installing TortoiseGit. See the TortoiseGit website for
all of the installation and configuration details.

“2. Browsing Repositories with gitk”

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