2.2.0 Bug summary

    From: Alan Cox <[email protected]>
 Subject: 2.2.0 Bug summary
    Date: Tue, 29 Dec 1998 01:46:20 GMT
      To: [email protected], [email protected]

Ok this is the collated 'bad bug set', also the -ac diffs divided up
into the relevant sections

Unfixed and definitely needing fixes

o       TCP slow performance problem is still not merged from DaveM
o       Run two processes that keep rejoining multicast groups on an
        SMP box - crash
o       Spam the box remotely with syn floods and other crap, it leaks
o       select/poll magically break at some number of handles without
        an error
o       Procfs has locking errors on mm's
o       IDE probe often guesses wrong. Linux is impossible to install
        on these ranges of PCs. Needs fixing badly.
o       isdn4linux is old not CVS version. Basically unusable. If its
        not changing for 2.2.0 it should be commented out or deleted
o       eata-dma driver crashes the machine if at any instant it cant
        grab atomic isa dma memory. (Possible fix mark it obsolete and
        use eata.c which works fine)
o       Video4linux bttv tends to crash machines grabbing - fix around
        needs merging and the driver updating
o       You can't mount an ext2fs cdrom. (Block size error). Works in 2.0
o       generic_file_mmap and MSDOS/UMSDOS disagree over who clears
o       bootp autobooting stuff corrupts other hosts arp stuff it seems
o       DaveM reports a pile of VMA operations done without locks held.
o       IDE defaults to multimode on causing serial problems, corruption
        with some drives, and hangs on boot with others.
o       Dual 486 boards won't boot SMP kernels
o       Tulip driver/fast routing stuff needs to be resolved. If they cant
        be merged the default tulip should be a current one.

Unfixed but not vital

o       NFS client over tcp doesnt work
o       NFS readahead is too low
o       NFS performance to 8K page sized BSD boxes sucks rocks, 2.0.x
        is about 5 times faster
o       Linus VM is still 20% slower than sct vm on an 8Mb machine
        [benchmarks kernel build and netscape]
o       fchmod on AF_UNIX sockets doesnt work like BSD
o       IPv6 calls set_multicast_list in the wrong context
o       TCP fails to handle small SO_SNDBUF/RCVBUF settings
o       Make xconfig needs layout fixes

o       Need to review all CONFIG_EXPERIMENTAL tags

Fixed in -ac patches

For Linus:

o       AVL tree vm avoids bad perfomance problems
o       MediaGX crashes on boot
o       Certain numbers of scsi disks dont seem to work
o       VFS clears setuid/gid flags wrongly on directories
o       COSA credited twice
o       string.h egcs fixes
o       Some further time fixes
o       Various time fixes submitted
o       KNFSD patches. With them knfsd seems to work ok. With the current
        tree it doesnt work at all. Probably this is "Experimental for 2.2"
o       AMD stepping ident, K6 ident
o       What the hell is going on in time.c, on a low memory box picking
        586 gives better performance for a 486 and several other chips
        without TSC registers. That patch piece is a bad way to save 1K
o       Various config combinations don't build
o       FTAPE doesnt work in .132/2.2.0pre
o       Various of the time_* changes to net/* are one out
o       Ted's last serial patch is missing (setserial crashes box)
o       IBMMCA doesnt work on the model 77 internal scsi
o       Trond's last NFS fix
o       include/linux/sysctl.h is exposed to user tasks even with glibc,
        but isnt strictly ANSI compliant
o       SYS5 shm debugging slows stuff down measurably -ifdef it
o       DVD's trip an isofs sanity check wrongly


o       Large file array support (will be required by vendors for several
        big name products). This is a tricky one. Im wearing too many hats
        to judge this objectively. Vendors will probably ship this anyway
        or something similar.

Linus doesnt want:

o       QlogicFC - no big problem, its seperate its clean and vendors
        can ship it and other driver addons easily as they do now. Its a 
        nobrainer to install of the net.

Stale ?:

o       ADFS updates
o       Load unversioned modules into versioned kernels when doing
        request_module etc.
o       Crashes and zero page scribbles using ptrace.