22 questions to the chairperson of Mageia.org association

Anne Nicolas: I’m Anne Nicolas (aka ennael). I’m a part of Mageia founders since September 2010. I’m a part of Mageia council and a chairperson of Mageia.Org association. I’m 41 years old, married with a geek and mother of 2 children (maybe 2 future geeks :)). I live near Paris in France.

DD: How did you come to the Linux world? When did it happen?

AN: It was something like 12 years ago. I decided to change the job and started training for being web project manager. We started the training course learning some piece of system administration on Linux. It was the first time I used it… and I never stopped after. I finished this training and joined this company to work in Linux team. My first contribution was being part of admin team of lea-linux.org, a French web site of documentation.