32BitsOnline: Panic Attack #1

“The past 18 months have really been barn burners if you step
back and look at the one-upmanship of virtually every major company
in the software/hardware rackets and their newfound love for LINUX.
(at least as far as the press release is concerned). At first I
thought it was really a great thing – industrial grade databases
ala Oracle/IBM/Sybase and the announcements of every major computer
builder – Compaq/Dell/HP/IBM, etc. all jumping on the penguin wagon
to prove their newfound love for “This Linux Thing” but, lately, I
don’t know.”

“It seems to me that there is a danger that while Big Software
clamors for the big headline and the eyeballs of ten million or so
Penguinheads, the real differences in cultures have been swept
under the rug as a “We Can Fix That In The Debug Cycle” kind of
middle management, store-bought ignorance. I worry that the spirit
of the Open Source Community and the developers that are
responsible for the creation of these wonderful tools we enjoy run
the risk of being supplanted or buried alive by a corporate culture
that gave us the win-at-any-cost competition that exists between M$
and Oracle, M$ and SUN, or M$ and just about everyone else.”

My question is, Does a penguin really need a

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