32BitsOnline: Panic Attack #2

“Since I wrote the first part of this diatribe last week, Sun
announced the acquisition of on Star Division GMBH so’s they can
have what they say is a web-based office suite. Ostensibly, to thin
up a client and shove it onto every desktop in the known

“It’s an office suite! But wait! There’s more! it’s a Portal
Application Suite!!” Mainstream press went bananas with kudos
and praise for the bold and decisive move by Sun to make another
run at the desktop, particularly in light of the recent
unemployment of so many JavaOS developers.
And who would have
thought that SUN would take on the Philistines of Redmond with such
a new and creative venture…”

“But wait a minute. This begins to sound like the same
client/server gibberish they were hawking a couple of years ago
during the great “Web-Tone” scare of the mid nineties. As I recall
there were no technical obstacles then to the fat server/thin
client (izzat spelled mainframe??) vision except nobody wanted

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