32BitsOnline: The FreeBSD 3.4 Review, Part 2: Adopting the Daemon

FreeBSD on the desktop is – well, it’s everything I could
want. I’d call it perfect, but to limit my own hyperbole, I won’t
go that far. It sure is close, though.
Let me just say that I
have been using version 3.4 with the KDE desktop exclusively for
about two months now, and have had exactly one problem with it –
and that problem wasn’t really related to the OS.”

“Netscape 4.7 locked XFree86 up tight, once. By tight I mean
that I could not open a terminal window to kill -9 the runaway
process. What worked was the ctrl-alt-backspace bailout of XFree86
and then “top” to find the evil pid. This is not to be confused
with a problem with the OS, as Netscape browsers have a really
nasty habit of locking up XFree86 no matter what the platform. For
what it’s worth, the browser in question locked just itself up a
couple times and had to be put out of its misery, but only the one
time did I have to kill X altogether.”

“The rest of the time I have been using FreeBSD exclusively for
everything: Building perl shopping carts, running ZOPE, a couple of
browser windows, and pine (all at the same time), and it has been a
truly pleasurable experience. The OS is extremely fast and stable.
Never a hiccup or the dreaded eventual slowing down of the whole
desktop after a week or so.”

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