7 programming languages on the rise

“In the world of enterprise programming, the mainstream is broad
and deep. Code is written predominantly in one of a few major
languages. For some shops, this means Java; for others, it’s C# or
PHP. Sometimes, enterprise coders will dabble in C++ or another
common language used for high-performance tasks such as game
programming, all of which turn around and speak SQL to the

“Programmers looking for work in enterprise shops would be
foolish not to learn the languages that underlie this paradigm, yet
a surprising number of niche languages are fast beginning to thrive
in the enterprise. Look beyond the mainstays, and you’ll find
several languages that are beginning to provide solutions to
increasingly common problems, as well as old-guard niche languages
that continue to occupy redoubts. All offer capabilities compelling
enough to justify learning a new way to juggle brackets, braces,
and other punctuation marks.”

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