A “clarification” from Fedora on the SQLNinja decision

“As many of you are well aware, the Fedora Board made a decision
not to include the SQLNinja package at our November 8th meeting. In
the meantime, I’ve received quite a bit of feedback, and I’d like
to take this opportunity to provide a bit of clarification on the
Board’s decision. (Much of this text came from a comment I made on
a blog post earlier this week — but several people prodded me and
told me it would be better posted here.)

“Much of the feedback in the press and the feedback that I’ve
received personally seems to come from a false assumption that the
Fedora Board is somehow going after any program that *could* be
used maliciously. That is not our intention at all. I think the
discussion is much more nuanced than that, so please allow me to
explain if I may.

“In our Board meeting last week, we looked at SQLNinja
specifically. Our goal wasn’t to set precedent for how to handle
all such packages in the future — we simple set out with the goal
of deciding whether or not SQLNinja should be part of Fedora.”

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