A Dirge for CPAN

“On my way out the door tonight, I stopped to briefly speak with
a co-worker. I noticed that he was perusing CPAN. For those who are
not familiar with it, CPAN is the ‘Comprehensive Perl Archive
Network,’ the collection of Perl libraries. As far as I know, no
one ever even bothered to make something similar to it for Perl. I
found this to be unusual for a number of reasons. First of all,
this particular person really does not like Perl. Second of all,
his project is in VB.Net. So why in the world would he be looking
at CPAN?

“Because if you need to write it, there is a darn good chance
someone already wrote it in Perl, and put it on CPAN. Apparently,
he uses CPAN the way most coders use Google, as a source for
example code…”

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