A Few Questions to Enlightenment’s Rasterman

“Enlightenment 0.17, the big, long awaited new release of the
Enlightenment project, has been in the making for a long time
now–since December 2000, to be precise. E17, as it became known,
is a complete rewrite of Enlightenment, complete with a set of base
libraries (the Enlightenment Foundation Libraries) turning it into
a full-fledged desktop environment, complete with its own set of
base libraries for building applications. Last November, main
developer Carsten ‘Rasterman’ Haitzler stated that there were only
two big to-do items left blocking the release of E17. We’re now a
few months ahead, so I contacted Rasterman to see what’s what.

“One of those two to-do items was a new theme. The theme E17
currently uses has served E17 well, but also looks a bit outdated,
and a bit over the top; it was made to show off what E17 could do,
and as such, it was full of bling-bling…”

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