AbiWord Weekly News for May 17, 2000

This week was a busy one for AbiWord development. Although
we saw no new faces in the list of contributors this week, there
were still some 17 new patches in the tree, authored by 7 different

“One of the things that makes AbiWord great is attention to
detail. And that is what this week’s POW is about. The task this
week is to fix the assorted problems that the Microsoft
Intellimouse has, on both Linux and Windows. The cross-platform
nature of the this POW means that it could easily be a vehicle for
collaboration. When you have finished this POW, AbiWord will be a
little closer to the ideal of Just Working.”

“It is this sort of attention to detail that proprietary
software is unable to provide. If AbiWord was a proprietary
product, its administrators would not reward people for fixing
compiler warnings or adding asserts, which is what the code
cleaning that Mike and I did was. They would not make compatibility
with a single piece of hardware an important goal. But with open
source, we all have the freedom to be perfectionists, and AbiWord
is the better for it.”


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