About Linux

Rich wrote:

Lately, I’ve become increasingly angry at the FUD that’s being
spread around Linux. While many incredibly intelligent people have
rebutted much of this, the case has mainly been argued on technical
merits in technical jargon. I decided to put together what I call
the Anti-FUD Press Release. It’s a very “salesy” approach to
promoting Linux. Please feel free to modify it as you see fit (try
to avoid being too technical or argumentative) and spread it
everywhere. We must counter the anti-Linux noise emanating from the
current OS drones. Here goes:

About Linux:

Linux is a powerful, easy to use operating system for PCs that
also runs on a myriad of other platforms including the Apple
Macintosh, Digital Alpha, Sun Sparc, and others. Linux is known for
its extreme reliability, speed of operation, and high
customisability. Key benefits include ultra high stability
(computers running Linux almost never crash), plethora of available
applications (including word processors, spreadsheets, graphics,
web browsers, and contact managers), and ease of use (the graphical
user interface is considered more advanced than anything else
available today). One of the most incredible advantages is its
price; Linux is free. While this may seem hard to believe, it’s
true. Linux was developed and improved upon by a large group of the
top programmers and computer scientists around the world who wanted
to create the best possible operating system that was devoid of the
limitations that plague existing operating systems. As amazing as
it sounds, Linux is not just for desktop computers. It has been
deployed in mission critical systems on large, enterprise computers
used by Fortune 500 companies around the world. On the other end of
the scale, it has been used in many of the ever popular handheld
computer devices that are all of the rage today. In addition, many
of the most popular web sites on the Internet are on computers
running Linux. So what are you waiting for? Linux is very easy to
install and run on your PC. Try it today. You will be