AboutLinux.com: Corel Linux Deluxe: A First Look [Review]

“Corel is quite confident in its installation process… Their
confidence is not entirely misplaced, if you choose the standard
installation path Corel Linux is very easy to install (but you may
have some problems with hardware detection / configuration – I
did.) … The problem with the manual is that it does not (at all)
cover installing Ethernet adapters or other hardware when
auto-detection fails; I guess they counted on auto-detection – but
when that fails a new user would be up the creek. A chapter on
modconf would have been welcome.”

“Corel has built a really nice desktop Linux distribution; the
inclusion of the full WordPerfect package, many fonts and BRU ad
significant value to the package. … People looking to set up a
server may be better served with a recent Mandrake, RedHat or SuSE
distribution for now – however the User Guide made a couple of
references to the Corel LINUX Server Administrator Guide – sounds
like they may be thinking of building a server distribution!”

“I would not hesitate to recommend Corel Linux Deluxe for
people who are trying to migrate to a Linux desktop from
As long as you can follow the documentation and have
supported hardware you should not have any problems installing
Corel Linux.”


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