ActiveState: Perl .NET

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“Perl .NET is the result of a research project, creating a
native code compiler for Perl to the Microsoft .NET Framework. The
status of the compiler is experimental; it also supports just a
subset of the language.”

“Perl for .NET Proxy
Compiling Perl to native .NET code has several inherent

  • Due to the enforced strong typing of the .NET environment the
    code runs slower than traditional Perl.
  • All extension modules containing XS code are not available in
    the .NET environment.
  • The compiler cannot be re-entered at runtime: string eval and
    runtime require cannot be supported in this implementation.”

“ActiveState will provide an alternate solution to make legacy
Perl code available from within the .NET Framework. A new component
of the Perl Dev Kit will allow programmers to create a stub proxy
object within the .NET Framework, but with the actual code running
outside .NET using the traditional Perl interpreter. Method calls
and property accesses will be marshaled semi-transparently across
this boundary.”

“This approach will address these programming concerns. A first
version of this new component is expected to become available with
the Perl Dev Kit 2.1.”


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