Advogato.org: Free Software/Open Source Software in a Win32 Environment

“The OpenCD project is brilliant in design and execution, but is
large in scope and therefore moving slowly. The final result will
be a powerful free software advocacy tool. Our local LUG group is
attending an annual technology show next week, and we decided to
put together a CD to introduce the normal W32-based tech user to
the notion of quality free software. This is in addition to the
normal distribution of a couple hundred DemoLinux or RedHat or
Mandrake CDs. In the next few days, I will be creating an ISO image
including most of the following W32-based software.

“All of the following software is free for anyone to use. Nearly
all is also open source. The point is to give a wide variety of
quality software on a single CD without overwhelming someone, so he
feels comfortable browsing through software he may never use.
Hopefully, he will either replace or extend proprietary software
packages he currently uses.

“Few people will use all of this software, but most people will
find at least one software package useful for their needs. All of
this software is reasonably mature or very mature–I have not used
all of it; this list is condensed from other similar lists with a
wider scope, but I may have missed some…”


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