Alan Cox: Linux 2.6.10-ac8


Arjan van de Ven is now building RPMS of the kernel and those
can be found in the RPM subdirectory and should be yum-able. Expect
the RPMS to lag the diff a little as the RPM builds and tests do
take time.


o – only in -ac
* – already fixed upstream
X – discarded later as wrong
+ – ac specific (fix not relevant to non -ac)


o I2O init/exit call fix (Randy Dunlap)
o More build ia-32 on x86-64 bits (Arjan van de Ven)
* NFS error path fixup (Bill Rugolsky)
o Swap the coda fix in ac7 with the official authors fix (Jan Harkes)
o Fix some problematic ptrace/kill interactions (Roland McGrath)
o Fix ptrace/coredump problems with threaded apps (Roland McGrath)


+ Fix failure at boot with some setups and ac6 Dumb bug
(Alan Cox)
o Fix random poolsize sysctl (Brad Spengler)
o Fix scsi_ioctl leak (Brad Spengler)
o Fix rlimit memlock (Brad Spengler)
o Fix Moxa serial While moxa won’t actually
even build on 2.6 the grsecurity fix is wrong (for
2.2, 2.4 as well). Without it being CAP_SYS_RAWIO a user
can insert alternative bios firmware into the card.
(Alan Cox)


+ Fix ide-pnp build (Alan Cox)
o do_brk security fixes
slightly reworked
(Marcelo Tosatti)
o Fixes for Coverity Inc reported bugs

  • coda_pioctl
  • xfs_attrmulti_by_handle
  • br_ioctl
  • rose_rt_ioctl
  • sdla_xfer
(Alan Cox)
o Improve the no-overcommit behaviour (Andries Brouwer)


+ Remove obsolete usb_unlink_urb in pwc
From instructions by Dwaine Garden
(Alan Cox)
* Subset of ALSA updates to fix sound bugs in .10
This is the set Takashi kindly identified as being worth applying
for 10-ac.
(Takashi Iwai)
o First run at merging ISI and base isicom driver into a working
2.6 driver
(Alan Cox)
+ IDE mode selection fixes for IT821x PIo
Bug noted by Bartlomiej
(Alan Cox)
o Fix a 32bit compatibility error in the cmsg check logic (Olaf Kirch)
o Hopefully fix CD-ROM autoclose (Stas Sergeev)
o Disable sidewinder debugging spew (Michael Marineau)
o Openprom fixes (Al Viro)
o Fix cosa module crash on load (Jan Kasprzak)
o Add the build environment bits to kernel make rpm output (Kevin Fenzi)
* Fix megaraid unload oops (Al Viro)
* Make gconfig work with current gtk 2.4 (J Magallon)
* Fix harmless parport overflow by one (Alexander Nyberg)
o Fix drivers that put a ‘/’ in /proc/irq/.. (Olaf Hering)

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