Alan Cox: Linux Jobs as of 2.3.99pre6-5

Date: Tue, 25 Apr 2000 00:40:50 +0100
From: Alan Cox alan@lxorguk.ukuu.org.uk
To: linux-kernel@vger.rutgers.edu
Subject: Linux Jobs as of 2.3.99pre6-5

[Folks please check this for missing stuff and missed fixes]

Tulip hang on rmmod (fixed in .51 ?)
Incredibly slow loopback tcp bug (believed fixed about 2.3.48)
COMX series WAN now merged
VM needs rebalancing or we have a bad leak
SHM works chroot
SHM back compatibility
Intel i960 problems with I2O
Symbol clashes and other mess from _three_ copies of zlib!
PCI buffer overruns
Shared memory changes change the API breaking applications (eg gimp)
Finish softnet driver port over and cleanups
via rhine oopses under load ?
SCSI generic driver crashes controllers (need to pass PCI_DIR_UNKNOWN..)
UMSDOS fixups resync (not quite done)
Make NTFS sort of work
Any user can crash FAT fs code with ftruncate
AFFS fixups
Directory race fix for UFS
Security holes in execve()
Lan Media WAN update for 2.3
Get the Emu10K merged

In Progress
Merge the network fixes  (DaveM)
Merge 2.2.15 changes     (Alan)
Get RAID 0.90 in         (Ingo)
Finish I2O merge
Still some SHM bug reports

Fix Exists In -AC Tree
Signals leak kernel memory (security)
S/390 Merge
1.07 AMI MegaRAID
Fix Space.c duplicate string/write to constants
Merge the RIO driver (probably do post 2.4.0 as it is large)

Fix Exists But Isnt Merged
msync fails on NFS
Semaphore races
Semaphore memory leak
Exploitable leak in file locking
Mark SGI VisWS obsolete
64bit lockf support
TTY and N_HDLC layer called poll_wait twice per fd and corrupt memory
ATM layer calls poll_wait twice per fd and corrupts memory
Random calls poll_wait twice per fd and corrupts memory
PCI sound calls poll_wait twice per fd and corrupts memory
sbus audio calls poll_wait twice per fd and corrupts memory
Support MP table above 1Gig
Finish sorting out VM balancing (Rik Van Riel)

To Do
Restore O_SYNC functionality
Fix eth= command line
Trace numerous random crashes in the inode cache
VM kswapd has some serious problems
vmalloc(GFP_DMA) is needed for DMA drivers
put_user is broken for i386 machines (security)
Fix module remove race bug              (mostly done - Al Viro)
Test other file systems on write
access_process_mm oops/lockup if task->mm changes
Audit all char and block drivers to ensure they are safe with the 2.3
        locking - a lot of them are not especially on the open() path.
Stick lock_kernel() calls around driver with issues to hard to fix nicely
        for 2.4 itself
IDE fails on some VIA boards (eg the i-opener)
PCMCIA/Cardbus hangs, IRQ problems, Keyboard/mouse problem (may be fixed ?)
Use PCI DMA by default in IDE is unsafe (must not do so on via VPx x<3)
Use PCI DMA 'lost interrupt' problem with some hw [which ?]
Crashes on boot on some Compaqs ?
pci_set_master forces a 64 latency on low latency setting devices.Some
        boards require all cards have latency <= 32
usbfs hangs on mount sometimes
Loopback fs hangs
Problems with ip autoconfig according to Zaitcev
SMP affinity code creates multiple dirs with the same name
TLB flush should use highest priority
Set SMP affinity mask to actual cpu online mask (needed for some boards)
pci_socket crash on unload
truncate_inode_pages does unsafe page cache operations
heavy swapping corrupts ptes
Linux sends a 1K buffer with SCSI inquiries. The ANSI-SCSI limit is 255.
Linux uses TEST_UNIT_READY to chck for device presence on a PUN/LUN. The
        INQUIRY is the only valid test allowed by the spec.

To Do But Non Showstopper
Make syncppp use new ppp code
Finish 64bit vfs merges (lockf64 and friends missing)
NCR5380 isnt smp safe
DMFE is not SMP safe
ACPI hangs on boot for some systems
Go through as 2.4pre kicks in and figure what we should mark obsolete for
        the final 2.4
Per Process rtsigio limit
Fix SPX socket code
Boot hangs on a range of Dell docking stations (Latitude)
HFS is still broken
iget abuse in knfsd
Paride seems to need fixes for the block changes yet
Some people report 2.3.x serial problems
AIC7xxx doesnt work non PCI ?
USB hangs on APM suspend on some machines
PCMCIA crashes on unloading pci_socket
DEFXX driver appears broken
ISAPnP IRQ handling failing on SB1000 + resource handling bug
TB Multisound driver hasnt been updated for new isa I/O totally.

Compatibility Errors

Probably Post 2.4
per super block write_super needs an async flag
addres_space needs a VM pressure/flush callback
per file_op rw_kiovec
enhanced disk statistics

Drivers In 2.2 not 2.4

To Check
Truncate races (Debian apt shows it nicely) [done ? - all but Coda]
Elevator and block handling queue change errors are all sorted
Check O_APPEND atomicity bug fixing is complete
Make sure all drivers return 1 from their __setup functions (Done ?)
Protection on isize  (sct) [Al Viro mostly done]
Mikulas claims we need to fix the getblk/mark_buffer_uptodate thing for
        2.3.x as well
Network block device seems broken by block device changes
Fbcon races
Fix all remaining PCI code to use new resources and enable_Device
VFS?VM - mmap/write deadlock (demo code seems to show lock is there)
rw sempahores on page faults (mmap_sem)
kiobuf seperate lock functions/bounce/page_address fixes
Fix routing by fwmark
Some FB drivers check the A000 area and find it busy then bomb out
rw semaphores on inodes to fix read/truncate races ? [Probably fixed]
Not all device drivers are safe now the write inode lock isnt taken on write
File locking needs checking for races
Multiwrite IDE breaks on a disk error [minor issue at best]
ACPI/APM suspend issue
NFS bugs are fixed
BusLogic crashes when you cat /proc/scsi/BusLogic/0
Floppy last block cache flush error
NFS causes dup kmem_create on reload
Chase reports of SMB not working

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