Alan Cox releases Linux kernel 2.1.132-ac2

The second ac kernel in the 2.1.132 development tree.


Alan Cox writes:

This is 2.1.132ac2. The 8390 might work now, or it might not work at all.
It has the fix from Linus for the enable_irq bug.


Differences between 2.1.132ac2 and 2.1.132ac1

o       8390 locking rewrite (me)
o       IDE CD update (Jens Axboe)
o       Alpha/PPC compile fixes (Michael Gilbert)
o       QlogicFC update (Chris Loveland)
o       ES1370/71/Sonic Vibes updates (Thomas Sailer)
o       enable/disable_irq fix (Linus)
o       HFS update (Adrian Sun)
o       Clean up of Make config (John Lenton, Me)
        | Note for those who type blindly at speed into make config - the fs 
        | stuff has changed order to be Alphabetical by section
o       Metalab was sunsite.unc.edu, 
        Now its metalab not sunsite.unc.edu
        Been a long time gone sunsite.unc.edu
        Now its a generally bright not a special sun site
        Every file in sunsite.unc.edu
        Lives in metalab not sunsite.unc.edu
        So if you've got a url for sunsite.unc.edu
        It'll be archived for you in metalab

Differences between 2.1.132ac1 and 2.1.132

o       Sct VM (as in 2.1.131ac-*). 
        | Linus vm still isnt quite as good but should be there soon.
o       AVL tree based vm areas
o       More config help data
o       Large file arrays
o       Asm/egcs fixes
o       Various jiffy overrun checks
o       Better CPU ident code
o       mem=toobig doesnt kill the box on boot
o       Support for chips with funky tsc registers
o       CONFIG_SMP for PPC processors
o       Compile config fixes
o       OpenBSD/Unixware disk labels
o       IDE-cd 4.51
o       GemTek radio card supported
o       Module counts are properly atomic
o       SMP optimised 3c501
o       3c523 warning fix
o       8390 SMP work (still has problems due to enable_irq bug)
        | will sort in ac2 since Linus has now posted a 1 liner enable_irq fix
o       eepro update
o       SMC 1211 TX in pci
o       NCR53c80 handles boards with fifo emulation of memory
o       Certain numbers of scsi disks got sd.c confused in 132 original
o       QlogicFC driver
o       CS4235 support
o       ES188x support
o       SoftOSS bug fix
o       ADFS fixes
o       FAT > 2gig file crash fix
o       ISOfs DVD size support
o       knfsd/lockd/etc fixes
o       Setgid bit not cleared erroneously on directories
o       Mandatory lock verify direction fixes in readv/write
o       Compile time fixes for asm/machvec on Alpha
o       Compile time fixes for asm/pgtable.h on Alpha
o       Compile time fixes for Alpha SMP spinlocks
o       Appletalk node 254 fix
o       IPX update
o       Support for big FAT disks
o       Message queue size increases
o       Sysctls for the above
o       Faster semaphores
o       Sysctl stuff is ANSI clean
o       IP masq updates
o       Some scheduling tweaks (will drop)
o       Wanrouter final cleanup/vmalloc