Amiga to release NG Workbench as open source, will use X-Windows

Thanks to James
for this link.

“With regard to windowing environments on the Amiga MCC, we are
leveraging a combination of technologies from Linux and Java. At
the lowest level (managing the bits on the screen), we are using
the latest Linux X Windows window system. Most users and developers
will never see X Windows directly (unlike older UNIX systems, when
X Windows was somewhat cumbersome). However, the use of X Windows
will allow both new applications and standard Linux applications to
run seamlessly on the MCC. Sitting above X Windows are a growing
number of window managers that will be available on the MCC, and
Java developers will have access to the portable Java Swing GUI
classes that hide the underlying windowing complexity under a
modern programming model. Finally, there will be a suite of
end-user workspaces, including a new Amiga Workbench being designed
at Amiga. There are already a number of interesting desktop
environments available for Linux, and it is our intent to
contribute the Amiga workbench to the open source movement, and
encourage the creative Amiga and Linux communities to modify,
enhance, replace, and generally get creative when it comes to
next-generation desktop environments (we believe that one of the
disadvantages of today’s Windows and Macintosh personal computers
is the “closed? nature of their desktop environments).”