Anders Carlsson: The Future of GNOME APIs

Handling Desktop Integration

“As many of you already know, Jonathan and I are trying to
deprecate more and more of the gnome libraries with every new major
release of GNOME. Why is that?:

  • Lack of library goals- Pretty much all of the libraries in the
    platform have a defined goal. GTK+ is for the user interface,
    libxml is for XML processing, GConf is for handling configuration.
    But what is libgnome and libgnomeui for? Right now they’re a mix of
    broken widgets and code that wont’ fit elsewhere…”

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Answers to Some Questions

“Since my last blog entry I’ve gotten some questions; here’s an
attempt to try to answer them:

Why is GnomeProgram horrible?
There are a number of reasons why this is true:

  • “The API. The API is not language binding friendly, it’s not
    even C friendly; it has lots of confusing functions and is plain

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