Announcing the Claymore Project, a next-gen config/admin tool for Linux.

David Ludwig writes:

Linux has long been regarded for its power, flexibility, and its
stability. However, it has never really been heralded for it’s ease
of configuration or the elegance of its administration tools. Many
organizations have tried to build administration/configuration
tools to ease-up on Linux’s typically steep learning curve, however
in one way or another, they have failed to acheive the usability
and elegance found in other systems.

Out of frustration with the existing base of tools/systems, I
have started Project Claymore. This project aims to create an
easy-to-use, flexible, and ultimately elegant
configuration/administration system for Linux. Basically, what this
will create is a Linux “Control Panel”, with features similar to
those found in the Control Panel(s) of other popular operating
systems (such as the MacOS or Windows.)

For more information on the project, please visit the project’s
web site at http://www.xnot.com/claymore.
While you’re there, please be sure to check out the message board
and post any comments/ideas/suggestions that you may have.