APC: VMware for Linux

“We rarely make blanket statements at APC, but VMware is a
very impressive product.”

“VMware is a PC emulator for the PC. It creates a virtual PC on
your desktop that acts and behaves as a complete virtual machine,
right down to being able to enter the BIOS and change its settings.
There have been PC emulators in the past, particularly on the Linux
platform, but they were always slow and, more importantly, buggy.
It’s easy to understand why. Programming a virtual PC is no easy
task. You have to completely create all the resources a program or
operating system expects to see, while keeping on good terms with
the operating system on which the emulator is running. This is much
harder than it sounds, which is why some virtual PC emulators have
been under development for years and still haven’t been

“For these reasons, VMware is impressive. It’s the first to
succeed, and it’s not only rock solid in stability, it’s also

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