AppWatch: AOLserver 3.0 released

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From the AOL guys:

“After a year-and-a-half of development and testing in one of the
heaviest production environments in the world, we’re proud to
release AOLserver 3.0!”

This release includes many bug fixes, enormeous improvements to
database access performance, automatic configuration, and many Tcl
updates for Unix and Win32 environments.

At its heart, AOLserver is a fast multi-threaded web server. It
does all the normal things you would expect from a web server:
serves HTML pages (and other media files) out of a file system,
runs CGI scripts, processes server-side includes, etc. What sets
AOLserver apart is that it’s also a platform for dynamic web
applications: AOLserver’s C and Tcl API’s, AOLserver Dynamic Pages
(ADPs), and its database connectivity make it easy to quickly build
fast, powerful web applications.

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