AppWatch: NEdit 5.1 released under the GPL

[ Thanks to AppWatch
for this link. ]

“Version 5.1 is the first release of NEdit under the GNU
General Public License, and the first release to be done entirely
by volunteer effort”.

“NEdit is a standard GUI (Graphical User Interface) style text
editor for programs and plain-text files. Users of Macintosh and MS
Windows based text editors should find NEdit a familiar and
comfortable environment. NEdit provides all of the standard menu,
dialog, editing, and mouse support, as well as all of the standard
shortcuts to which the users of modern GUI based environments are
accustomed. For users of older style Unix editors, welcome to the
world of mouse-based editing!”

“The most significant enhancements in this release are:

  • New regular expression code, boosts highlighting performance by
    40%, and introduces many new and powerful features to regular
    expression operations and syntax highlighting.
  • Incremental search, and optional search bar.
  • New ctags code with full support for Exuberant Ctags, better
    handling of tag collisions, multiple tag file support, on-demand
    loading of tag files, and automatic reload of modified tag
  • Optional display of line numbers along the left side of the
  • NEdit can now read and write MS DOS format files.
  • New built-in syntax highlighting patterns for Lex, PostScript,
    SQL, and Matlab, and improved SGML/HTML and Java patterns. Many
    minor improvements to other patterns.
  • Improved international character set input
  • New macro subroutines: list_dialog, getenv,
  • Optional warnings about external modifications to files
  • Clearcase awareness
  • Session manager restart capability”

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