AppWatch: Qpopper 3.0 released

[ Thanks to AppWatch
for this announcement. ]

Qpopper is the most widely-used POP3 server for UNIX, Linux,
etc. This new release adds many new important features, like
PAM support, RFC 2449 support (POP3 Extension Mechanism), many
important bugfixes (including lock file fixes) and much improved
configuration options.

“Qpopper is a server that supports the POP3 protocol for
downloading Internet e-mail using software clients. It does not
include a message transfer agent or SMTP support and normally works
with standard UNIX mail transfer agents such as Sendmail or Smail.
This server is fully compliant with RFC-1939 (which defines the POP
protocol) and RFC-2449 (which defines the POP extension mechanism),
and works with all known POP3 clients. It also supports Kerberos V4
if enabled.”

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