AppWatch: XFree86 4.0 released

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XFree86 4.0 is the first official release of the new
XFree86 4. XFree86 4 represents a significant redesign of the
XFree86 X server.
It is very important to keep in mind that
XFree86 4 is still very much in development, and it contains a lot
of new work. That means two things: there is a lot of new exciting
stuff to try, but being new code, it hasn’t had nearly as much of a
workout as the stable 3.3.x releases. If you’re looking for a
well-tested, stable release, and can’t afford the inconveniences
that new software can sometimes cause, then you are probably better
off sticking with the 3.3.x releases for now. If you have the
resources to try out the new version and investigate its features,
or if you just like being on the bleeding edge, then please try

“Full source codes and some binaries already available. Visit
AppWatch.com for a synopsis
and download links.”