Ardour 6.6 Open-Source DAW Makes Editing Automation Much Faster and Simpler

Ardour 6.6 comes three months after Ardour 6.5 with two new features that make editing automation much faster and simpler than ever before. These include the ability to automatically display the automation-lane when touching a control, and the ability for the auto-shown automation parameters to automatically enter touch mode when graphically adding a new control point.

This release also introduces the ability to keep track of xruns (overruns and underruns) per file when recording, support for processing MIDI sysex messages, such as MIDI Tuning Standard (MTS) messages, via the ACE Fluidsynth plugin, as well as new Lua scripts for sending arbitrary 12TET tuning (A = XXX Hz) and tuning defined in a Scala file as MTS messages.