AsiaBizTech: Linux Use, Applications Continue to Grow

Linux, the free-for-all Unix operating system challenging
Microsoft, is now getting support in new market areas, including
mobile computing designers, supercomputing applications and EDA

“Mobile Linux target code size will be 32 Mbytes, said Torvald,
including graphical user interface and full Netscape browser. Hard
disk drives can now be replaced with the smaller, cheaper Flash ROM
storage devices, which allow BIOS upgrades, he noted. Among the
needs still to be filled by software developers interested in
extending the new mobile platform are drivers for target devices
and software for downloading upgrades, said Torvald….”

“After months of struggling with Windows NT 4.0, engineers at
AT&T scrapped efforts to use the Microsoft software to bring
Internet access to airline passengers as part of a developing
inflight entertainment package. They switched to the Linux OS, and
had their demonstration functional within two months — in time for
an important trade show.”