Audacity 1.3.13 released

“Changes and improvements:

  • Control Toolbar renamed to Transport Toolbar.
  • Device Toolbar (on by default) now contains all input and
    output device choices, including host and recording channels.
  • Input/output choices are no longer in Mixer Toolbar on Windows
    XP or some older operating systems.
  • New Transport > Rescan Audio Devices menu item to refresh
    the device list.
  • New “Sync-Lock Tracks” feature (turned on in the Tracks menu)
    to allow groups of audio and/or label tracks to retain
    synchronisation when the track length changes.
  • Equalization: New “Manage Curves” dialog for importing and
    exporting curves.
  • Noise Removal: New “Sensitivity” slider to adjust the noise
    threshold, and new option to isolate noise.