Australian IT: Linus Torvalds Q&A

[ Thanks to Doug Bostrom for
this link. ]

Okay, here’s the difficult question. What do you think
about this SCO business right now?

“Right now I’m actually fairly calm, because they haven’t made
any huge outrageous claims in the past 12 days or so, so they’ve
been quiet for a while. It hasn’t been that bothersome, but every
once in a while, when they make some new claim, it really riles
me–I mean they’ve literally claimed copyright on files I can prove
I wrote personally, and that’s very irritating.

“But at the same time, the fact that their claims, when you step
back, are so clearly bogus and not worth worrying about, is–that
makes me worry a lot less. They’re clearly scraping the barrel and
coming up empty handed…”

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