Bangkok Post: Not much to discuss on software front

“I was going to apologise but I won’t because Linux is now the
only serious alternative to Windows for PC users (unless, of
course, you throw out your PC and buy a Mac, but that’s another
story). If you find yourself being increasingly boxed in by
Microsoft, then Linux is your answer. If the thought of installing
an operating system on your machine that’s 30 million lines long
leaves you with cold sweats-and it should-remember that, as Nancy
Reagan once said, you can “Just say no.”

” Which brings me to a recent happy discovery, something called
the K-Desktop, or KDE. This is a replacement for the graphical
front end for Linux-a window manager-in Linux terms. There are many
different window managers, each giving you a distinct look and
feel. You can choose what you like. KDE is among the best, and it
gives your desktop such a pretty face you’ll be left wondering how
you ever lived without it.”


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