BBC News: That was the Web that was

“Here is the Top Ten on the Richter scale of movers and shakers
on the Internet in 1998”.

  1. Monica Lewinsky
  2. Microsoft

    “The company that marked time with Windows 98 and a host of beta
    products provoked the biggest anti-monopoly case since the US
    Government took on the AT&T telecommunications giant in

  3. Open Source software

    “… where program code is laid bare for others to share, adapt
    and improve on, was boosted in ’98 by the backlash against…
    Microsoft… The company unwittingly revealed its fear of the
    advance of the Linux operating system and Apache server software in
    the leaked “Halloween” internal memos…”

  4. Portal Power
  5. E-commerce
  6. Net activism
  7. Net governance
  8. Net exhibitionism
  9. Net wealth
  10. Net style

    “There was an execrable attempt to dramatise the Net… a Bill
    Gates movie, The Pirates of Silicon Valley, is due in the New

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