Bitwarden is the Linux Alternative to LastPass

The wires are abuzz with yesterday’s announcement by password manager LastPass that the company would restrict users’ ability to use LastPass with either their PC or mobile devices. The use-it-anywhere feature will be eliminated from the LastPass Free plan starting March 16, 2021.

Those looking for a FOSS alternative to LastPass should check out Bitwarden. With the option to implement via the cloud or host it yourself, the free (as in beer) version offers users all of Bitwarden’s core functionality and syncs across all devices. Premium and Family versions are available, along with Business versions whose pricing is slightly lower per tier than LastPass.

Supported by an active GitHub repo and user community, Bitwarden arrives with installers for Ubuntu, Debian, Linux Mint, Fedora, CentOS, RHEL, and openSUSE. Mobile apps, full support for the top eight browsers, CLI access, and a secure web vault make it easy to access Bitwarden no matter where you are or what device you’re using at the time.

So while migration from one password manager to another may be daunting, for Linux users, there’s a lot to like about Bitwarden.