Blender 3D package for Linux Alpha

As posted to C.O.L.A.

----------------Blender for Linux Alpha------------------------

A note for owners of the fastest PC's around: now you can feed your beast
with the coolest free 3D software around! Starting today, Blender for Linux
Alpha is available for download at the Blender website.

The first (beta) version is dynamically linked with Mesa 3.0, and needs
Linux libc6 libraries to run.


Blender is the free distributed 3D package - currently available for
SGI, Sun Solaris, Alpha Linux and i386 Unix PC's - that has become very
popular with students, artists and at universities.
Developed as in-house software of a high quality animation studio, it has
proven to be an extremely fast and versatile design instrument.
In fact, Blender is a complete 3D suite which you can use to create TV
commercials, to make technical visualizations, business graphics, to do
some morphing, or design user interfaces. Thanks to its object oriented
structure you can easily build and manage complex environments.
The renderer is reliable and extremely fast.

All basic animation principles are well implemented.

Visit the Blender site for more information.


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