Borland: Presentation: Project Kylix – Native Rapid Application Development for Linux

[ Thanks to Bob Swart
for this link. ]

“This article is a transcript of the Kylix presentation at the
Linux Development Seminar in Brussels and The Hague.”

The goal of Project Kylix is to produce a high-performance
Rapid Application Development (RAD) development tool for
RAD here means component-based, two-way visual
development of your user-interface (GUI), database, internet, and
server applications. Development tool means a high-speed native
Delphi/C/C++ compiler for linux.”

“Project Kylix should also simplify the porting of existing
Delphi and C++Builder applications between Windows and

“So, what will this Kylix RAD tool be like? There are three
cornerstones here. The first is Native Code Generation (in the ELF
object format); Kylix is a native Delphi Linux compiler and
debugger (as we’ll see in a moment). The second big thing is the
Two-way Visual Development; Kylix as we’ll show today will be very
much like the Delphi/C++Builder 5 IDE (again, as we’ll see in a
moment). The last, but by no means least, issue is the
cross-platform GUI, database, and web development that Kylix will
bring to use in the form of CLX (Component Library for