Boston Globe: Even better than Linux

“The Linux operating system has gotten a tremendous amount of
publicity in recent months. Millions of computers are running
Linux; it is playing an increasingly important role in business;
and people are beginning to think Linux might be a credible threat
to the dominance of Microsoft.”

It’s important to understand that everything I do with
NetBSD I could do just as easily with Linux. That’s because there
are far more similarities between the two systems than differences.
Both are based on the Unix operating system, developed at Bell Labs
in the 1970s, and both can be freely redistributed. The big
difference is portability…

“If I had to pick out the single difference between the BSD
community as a whole and the proponents of Linux, I would say it is
something called “correctness.” The BSD developers are more
concerned that the underlying technology in their operating systems
be implemented in a manner consistent with the overall design of
the systems. Linux developers, overall, are more interested in just
putting together something that works.”

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