BSD Today: Spreadsheets under BSD (part 3) — Starcalc 5.1 and Xess

[ Thanks to Jeremy C.
for this link. ]

“Starcalc is bundled with the StarOffice suite. It winds up
being a 65 megabyte download for 5.1 and a 97.2 meg download for
the 5.2 version. Once you get the whole suite installed, I do not
see any provision to strip away the rest of the office suite if the
spreadsheet is all you need. The entire operation of my current
computer — an AMD-K6III-450 with 256 megs of PC100 RAM — slowed
considerably while the suite started up, but not to an unacceptable

“All that said, Starcalc imported the test spreadsheet well,
providing all of the Excel spreadsheet functions without error.
Starcalc provides a comprehensive array of statistical, database,
matrix and logical functions.
In addition, the user can export
HTML tables and publish directly to the web. There are extensive
provision for “what if” scenarios and goal seeking, based on
individual cell values or calculations.”

“Xess on Linux seems as good as any of the others as a stand
alone, and the AIS site boasts extensive output options including
Latex and HTML.
Other features include math, financial and
matrix functions, and the ability to develop user interfaces with
their version of BASIC.”