Building a Linux distribution from scratch Interview

Well, my name is Constantine, which in Latin means stability (thankfully I have plenty of that), I was born on January 2nd 1991 in New York City. Both of my parents are Greek. When I was 8 to 9 years old and after my father’s death, my mother decided to move back to Greece and reunite with her family. There, after I finished school I was admitted to the Computer Engineering and Informatics school of Patras University. That’s when I first came in contact with the FOSS world. My cousin, Andrew, a telecommunications major at the time, suggested I installed Ubuntu 9.04 on my laptop which I did and really liked. From that time, an installation of a Linux distribution always “resided” on my hard drive, simply because I enjoyed the freedom and the philosophy of FOSS. Also, shortly after that I started developing software, at first I did quite simple stuff in C or Java but not too long after that I begun to write a simple UNIX like kernel in C and then I started planning and developing Cinux.