Business Wire: Tripwire 2.0 for Red Hat Linux Now Available for Free

“Tripwire Security Systems (TSS), a Portland-based software
development company specializing in system security and policy
compliance applications, today announced the free availability of
the Red Hat Linux version of its popular Tripwire(tm) 2.0 File
Integrity Assessment (FIA) software.

‘With companies such as Tripwire bringing their applications to
Linux, the added value of these companies benefits end users and
business users alike,’ said Paul McNamara, vice president of
business development at Red Hat Software. ‘Tripwire 2.0 for Red Hat
Linux is a key component in the maturity of the Linux market.’

Tripwire 2.0 for Linux is available for download from the TSS
Web site (www.tripwiresecurity.com). The free, commercial version
will include basic customer support and on-line technical
assistance. CD-Roms, user manuals, product upgrades and
rapid-response customer service (4 hours or less) are available at
an additional cost.”