BW: Cadence Adds Linux Support to Industry-leading Logic Verification Tool Suite

“Cadence Design Systems, Inc. (NYSE:CDN), the world’s leading
supplier of electronic design products and services, today
announced that it will offer its market-leading verification
software tools on Linux-based platforms. The support will include
the complete line of Cadence(R) logic simulators
NC-Sim for mixed-language simulations, the NC-VHDL and
NC-Verilog(R) simulators, as well as the Verilog-XL simulator and
Verifault-XL(R) fault simulator. The tools’ graphical user
interfaces (GUIs) and analysis environments will also run on the
latest versions of the popular emerging operating system.”

“The announcement marks a dramatic extension of support for
Cadence’s simulation technology on the X86 platform. A growing
number of technical applications are being ported to Linux due to
its increasing popularity with users who want a robust operating
environment available on low-cost desktop machines such as those
built around the Intel microprocessor architecture.”

“”By offering support of our verification tools on Linux on X86
architecture machines, design teams can now leverage relatively
inexpensive, high-powered platforms that are often in abundance
inside companies,” said Rahul Razdan, vice president of
Verification R&D and Marketing at Cadence. “If you are used to
UNIX, Linux lets you keep what you like about UNIX, but allows you
to use an X86 platform. For Cadence, Linux offers a very efficient
and cost-effective way to extend our technology in the PC market
without any compromises in quality, reliability, or our
market-leading performance delivered through the unique native
compiled (NC) code approach supported by Cadence’s

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