BW: CMGI Acquires Green Witch; Combines Open Source, Streaming Media Leader With iCAST

“CMGI…the world’s largest and most diverse network of Internet
companies, today announced it has acquired Green Witch, LLC (The
Green Witch Internet Radio), the leading provider of open source
Internet radio broadcast solutions. Green Witch Internet radio runs
on Icecast, an innovative open source audio streaming server
software used by Internet media companies and personal broadcasters
to stream MP3 music. Green Witch will become part of iCAST.”

“The Icecast open source streaming media server will enable
iCAST to offer a wide range of high-quality Internet radio streams
to a broad audience of listeners. Icecast streams can be played by
nearly any of the currently available media players, including
Windows Media Player, Real G2, Sonique and WinAmp. Green Witch
broke new ground in March 1999, when it became the first major
Internet radio broadcaster to use Icecast software to stream MP3
music online. Green Witch’s current offering of music streams will
be available for iCAST.com’s upcoming debut and is intended to be
significantly expanded upon thereafter.”

Green Witch’s success as an open source software company
and its dedication to empowering music listeners, musicians and
broadcasters make it a perfect addition to iCAST
,” commented
David Wetherell, chairman and CEO of CMGI. “I’m thrilled to have
such a visionary company joining the CMGI network and look forward
to exploring the many future innovations possible with open source

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