BW: Data Connection Announces DC-Share for Linux

“DC-Share, the world’s leading Unix desktop conferencing
product, provides high-function, standards-based,
NetMeeting-compatible, multipoint, audio/video/data conferencing
between Windows and Unix – now including Linux.”

“Data Connection Limited (DCL) today announced that DC-Share for
Linux had entered external beta testing with full release scheduled
for 2Q 2000.”

“DC-Share is a NetMeeting-interoperable, standards-based,
H.323- and T.120-compliant VoIP conferencing endpoint. Sun, SGI and
HP have all released OEM versions
of DC-Share as SunForum,
SGImeeting and HP VISUALIZE CONFERENCE. DCL also supplies an AIX
version of DC-Share directly to large end-users, and now with
availability on Linux, DC-Share becomes the universal Unix
conferencing client.”

Press release