BW: Eazel… Venture Funding from Accel Partners… to Bring Enhanced User Interface to Linux

“Eazel, Inc., an open source company working to make Linux
easier to use, today announced that it has received $11 million
in first round funding from Accel Partners.
In a related
announcement, Bud Colligan, a partner with Accel Partners, has
joined Eazel’s board of directors.”

“Founded in August, 1999, Eazel is developing user-interface
software and system management services that will speed the
adoption of Linux on the desktop. Eazel’s products will streamline
and enhance the Linux experience for current users and open the
door for the next wave of Linux adoption. Eazel’s software will be
a key component of the GNOME project, which has developed a
graphical interface for Linux. The Eazel product launch is
scheduled for this summer.”

“”While Linux is gaining rapid adoption, it is still primarily
being used as a server operating system because it’s difficult for
the typical user to operate,” said Bud Colligan, partner, Accel
Partners. “Eazel’s contributions will remove the largest remaining
barrier to Linux being accepted as a mainstream operating system.
The seasoned executive team at Eazel has the ability and experience
to realize this vision.””

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