BW: First Release of Open Source SIP Running on Linux Available from Vovida Networks

“Vovida Networks today announced the availability of another
free commercial release of source code running on the Linux
operating system – Session Initiation Protocol (SIP).”

“Session Initiation Protocol is an application-layer control
protocol that can establish, modify and terminate multimedia
sessions or calls. These multimedia sessions include invitations to
both unicast and multicast conferences and Internet telephony
applications. SIP can be used in conjunction with other call setup
and signaling protocols.

“With the release of SIP,” said Luan Dang, Senior Vice
President, Chief Technology Officer and Vovida Networks Co-Founder,
“Vovida Networks has now made available all the signaling protocol
stacks for development of Voice over IP communications systems.”
Vovida Networks’ strong belief in the open source model as a way of
enabling VoIP is further demonstrated by having made freely
available the MGCP, RTP and H.323 Annex F protocol stacks earlier
this year.”

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