BW: Forlink Software To Apply For Small Cap Listing

“Forlink Software Corporation respectfully informs its esteemed
shareholders that upon filing of its 12/31/1999 10K report to the
SEC as prepared by its auditor BDO International the Company will
apply for listing on the NASDAQ Small Cap Exchange”

“The company’s own-developed embeddable software suites
include mass-scaleable site and portal modules called For-Mail,
For-Business, For-Monitor, For-Search, etc. that run on Unix or
Linux platforms.
For-Mail is a scalable messaging system
marketed as a small, medium, large or carrier scale email server
system that can handle upwards of one million users. Besides being
an SMTP and POP server, For-Mail also has a Web-Mail subsystem that
allows users to complete their email operations on their

“The system has been running successfully on high-visibility
portals such as www.tonghua.com.cn to provide free email service.
For-Business is a full-service e-commerce and on-line shopping
system, including auctions. The system has been running the
Legend/Toshiba sites for example. For-Monitor is for ISP dial-up
user authentication, accounting, and traffic monitoring. For-Search
is one of the world’s fastest engines, is bi-textual and runs on
most platforms including Linux, Freebsd, Solaris, WinNT.
Interesting information about China’s fast-growing internet and
software IT scene is available at the Chinese Software
Association’s site www.csia.org.cn .”

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