BW: GraphOn (GOJO) Ships Bridges for Windows 1.0

“GraphOn Corporation (Nasdaq:GOJO) (www.graphon.com), a leading
innovator of thin, server-based technology, today announced it has
begun shipping Bridges for Windows 1.0, a software solution that
allows software developers, or independent software vendors (ISVs),
to easily and cost effectively web-enable complex, feature-rich
Windows applications for full-featured access over the Internet.
ISVs can deliver Windows applications across multiple platforms
without modifying the application’s code or requiring costly
add-ons such as Windows Terminal Server(R).”

“Before GraphOn Bridges, ISVs had to direct their customers
requiring server-based access to Windows applications to a third
party. By integrating and bundling Bridges with their Windows
applications, ISVs are able to maintain account control and
web-enable their customer’s Windows applications. Applications
deployed through Bridges can be seamlessly integrated with the
user’s desktop and accessed through a tiny Java applet, Netscape
plug-in, or native Windows and Linux clients.”

“Bridges for Windows is licensed by Corel Corporation to provide
fast access to server-based Windows applications from Corel(R)
LINUX(R) OS desktops, and by Compuware(R) to instantly web-enable
enterprise-level applications deployed with their UNIFACE(R) Jti
development environment.”

Press Release